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ホワイトペーパー |May 29, 2019

ホワイトペーパー-実用的な商取引:ANZ eコマース成長へのリーンアプローチ

ホワイトペーパー-実用的な商取引:ANZ eコマース成長へのリーンアプローチ

ANZ ecommerce merchants that hope to remain sustainable and competitive need to start thinking more practically about what they offer their customers:

  • Thinking beyond the sale
  • Engaging with visitors
  • Improving customer experience
  • Earning brand loyalty
  • Counteracting inefficiencies

SmartOSC introduces a 'practical' approach to developing a lean ecommerce store. Reaching market as quickly and effectively as possible is the optimal strategy, and unnecessary restrictions will only impede the process. A lean model is the ideal solution for merchants hoping to launch, sell and grow quickly.

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